Best answer: Who has the best Muay Thai in MMA?

Who is the number 1 Muay Thai fighter?

Samart Payakaroon has a well deserved reputation for being the greatest Muay Thai fighter of all time. He won his first Lumpinee titles fighting at minimumweight (105 lbs) in 1980 and would go on to win Lumpinee titles as a light flyweight (108 lbs), super flyweight (115 lbs) and featherweight (126 lbs).

Which UFC fighter has a Muay Thai stance?

One of the most exciting fighters in the UFC is Paul Felder. His Muay Thai fighting style always makes his fights interesting. He is relentless and uses all sorts of striking techniques, including elbows, knees from the clinch, switch kicks, etc.

Is Muay Thai bad for MMA?

Muay Thai is important to MMA because it values clinch, knees, and elbows, which change everything. Kickboxing is important for it’s heavier usage of footwork and hand combinations. It’s also a misconception that all (or most) Thais put weight on back foot and attack with teeps a lot.

Should I start MMA or Muay Thai?

If you have dreams of one day competing in MMA, then Muay Thai is an excellent start. Muay Thai will teach you discipline that is needed to study any other martial art, and it will get you leaps ahead other fighters when it comes to stand up fighting. From a self-defense stand point, it’s good but not great.

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