Did they ever find the gold in the Philippines?

Did they ever find Yamashita’s gold?

Long before Yamashita ever set foot in the islands, local sleuths would go on the hunt for the caches of silver dollars left over from the Philippine-American War. In Philippine folklore, objects are often deliberately concealed only to be lost forever. …

Was the lost gold ever found ww2?

Any person with any understanding of WWII history knows that this treasure is long gone. It was found by the United States CIA within a couple weeks of the Japanese surrender in Luzon Phillipines.

What happens if you find gold?

Various state legislations have ruled that a “treasure trove” can be gold, silver, or paper money. … And if what you found cannot be legally considered a treasure, you are required to take it to the police. It will go into the U.S. state custody and be handled like any other case of lost property.

Is metal detecting legal in Philippines?

Strictly speaking, there are no laws against metal detecting on public beaches in the Philippines. However, the sight of an individual carrying a metal detector on a public beach is not a common sight in the Philippines. So it could very well be alarming to some of the people on the beach there.

Can you pan for gold in Philippines?

Artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM) is a thriving industry in the Philippines, with an estimated 500,000 miners operating in more than 40 provinces out of 81 provinces in the country.

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