Frequent question: How many terminals are there in Malaysia?

How many airport are there in Malaysia?

Malaysia has six international airports, 16 domestic and 18 airport aerodrome (short take off landing ports -STOLports) to accommodate growing passenger demand and sustain the operation of various types of aircraft.

Is terminal 1 domestic or international?

Chennai Airport Terminal 1 is the domestic terminal, also known as Kamaraj Terminal, which used to be the single passenger terminal before 1988 when the International “Anna” Terminal was opened. This terminal connects Chennai International Airport with 20 different domestic destinations within India.

What is the difference between KLIA1 and KLIA2?

KLIA1 is used by Malaysian Airlines while KLIA2 is the low-cost carrier terminal from where Air Asia operates. Both the terminals are about 1.5 km apart and can be easily covered by a 3-minutes train journey.

Do I need police permit to go to KLIA?

For those travelling to the airport to catch a flight/travel interstate, please bring along the required police permit together with your flight documents.

Is Terminal 2 domestic or international?

Terminal 1 caters to domestic passengers and Terminal 2 has international services besides domestic operations of some of the Indian airlines. Prior to the pandemic, some airlines were carrying out their operations from T 1.

Is terminal 4 domestic or international?

Terminals 3 and 4 are a short walk (150m) within the same building complex. All Qantas operated flights (international and domestic) operate from the Terminal 3 and 4 (T3/T4) precinct at Perth Airport. All other international airlines, including Jetstar, continue to operate from Perth Terminal 1 (T1).

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What does Terminal M mean?

Terminal M means the main terminal.

Is klia2 only for AirAsia?

The Airline code AK is currently designated for AirAsia’s domestic flights operating within the whole of Malaysia.

AirAsia RedQ at klia2.

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