How did the radio reach the Philippines?

What is the importance of radio in the Philippine culture?

In spite of the advent of new media, radio continues to be the frontrunner in sharing climate change information especially among farmers in rural communities. Radio continues as the prevalent medium of communication in the Philippines with its reach of about 85% of households across the country.

Do Filipinos still listen to radio?

Radio reaches 85 percent of Philippine households, based on 2012 data (National Commission on Culture and Arts, cited by Communicating with Disaster-Affected Communities Network, 2012, p. 13). … More Filipinos listen to the FM stations; the MoM noted that Filipinos listen to FM primarily for music 90 percent of the time.

What are examples of radio networks in the Philippines?

Top Philippines Radio Stations

  • Wish 107.5 FM.
  • DZMB Love Radio 90.7 FM.
  • Mellow 94.7 FM.
  • DWRK 96.3 Easy Rock.
  • Yes FM Manila 101.1.
  • DYRK 96.3 WRocK.
  • DWLS Barangay LS 97.1 FM.
  • 97.9 Home Radio.

What do radio listeners want?

Among regular listeners to a variety of AM/FM radio formats, 72%-78% say they want normal programing. Listeners to Urban format stations indicate the largest desire in programming focused on Coronavirus. News reports indicate that people of color are impacted to a much greater degree by the pandemic.

How is the radio still used today?

Radio is now accessible through laptops, computers, phones and even smart speakers, so you can listen to your favourite station whenever you want, however you want. Radio doesn’t need you to set time aside the way TV does, as it asks less of its audience, being an audio-only medium.

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