How do I extend my work permit in Thailand?

How do I renew my work permit in Thailand?

The following documents are needed to renew your work permit: your present work permit, your non-immigrant visa (B Visa or O Visa), a copy of your academic credentials, a copy of your press pass as well as a letter from Thailand’s government, copy of your mission’s letter and the Thai government’s letter, copy of your …

What happens if my work permit expires in Thailand?

If you plan to stay after your permit expires, you need to apply for an extension before the expiration date. Failure to do so, could result in three months imprisonment and/or a 5,000 baht fine. Everyone staying in Thailand for over three months is required to check in with the immigration department every 90 days.

Can I renew my work permit after it expires Thailand?

A request for a position extension must be made at least 15 days before the previous permit expires and no later than 90 days after it expires. Depending on the form of operating condition, the approval period can be extended for one or two years after it expires.

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How long can I stay in Thailand after cancel work permit?

The cancellation of the visa will result in having to leave the country on the same day, therefore, it is important to apply for an extension of stay right after the previous step. The extension of stay will allow you to stay in Thailand for an additional seven days.

Can you have 2 work permits in Thailand?

The application of a work permit. To be able to legally work in Thailand the foreigner must have a valid visa and a work permit issued in his name. … For example, foreigners working for 2 different companies doing the same work, must have 2 work permits, one for each company.

How much does work permit cost in Thailand?

The fee for a Thailand Work Visa is as follows: Single-entry Thailand Work Visa fee is 2,000 Thai Baht (about USD 65) Multiple-entry Thailand Work Visa fee is 5,000 Thai Baht (about USD 164)

Is it difficult to get work permit in Thailand?

To secure a work permit in Thailand, a foreigner needs an initial visa, which is a non-immigrant visa. The non-immigrant visa must be obtained before entering Thailand. … The work permit process would take 7 business days to accomplish. Work permit application is processed in the Ministry of Labor office.

How long does work permit process take?

In general, it takes about 150–210 days (5–7 months) for USCIS to process work permit applications. (Previously, USCIS processed work permit applications within 90 days, but a growing backlog has caused additional delays.)

How do I get a work permit for Thailand?

Documents required while applying for Thailand Work Permit

  1. Valid Passport.
  2. Visa application form.
  3. Recent Passport size photographs.
  4. Departure card TM. …
  5. Professional testimonials.
  6. All academic qualifications.
  7. Certificates or license held by the applicant.
  8. Non-immigrant visa.
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Are Digital Nomads legal in Thailand?

While Thailand remains a popular destination for digital nomads, they are operating in a legally grey area.

How do I get a work permit in Thailand without a degree?

There are a lot of those in Thailand trust me. Although the official line is ‘no you can’t get a work permit without a degree‘ there are plenty of examples of agencies managing to get one for their teaching staff and in some cases, teachers at government schools out in the sticks have had no problem at all.

Can you get a work permit on a tourist visa?

If you are a nonimmigrant visa holder, such as an international student, researcher, or refugee you may be able to work temporarily in the United States with an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) work permit.