How many high courts are there in Malaysia?

Other courts

How many levels of court are there in Malaysia?

General Overview. The hierarchy of courts of Malaysia starts with the Magistrates Court as the first level followed by the Sessions Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and the Federal Court of Malaysia. The Federal Court of Malaysia in the highest court of the land.

Who is the highest position in court?

The Supreme Court, also known as the Apex Court, is the top court and the last appellate court in India, and the Chief Justice of India is its top authority. High Courts are the top judicial bodies in the states controlled and managed by Chief Justices of States.

Which is the 25th High Court of India?

High courts

Sl No Court Principal seat
22 Sikkim High Court Gangtok
23 Telangana High Court Hyderabad
24 Tripura High Court Agartala
25 Uttarakhand High Court Nainital

How do I check my court case in Malaysia?

Click on the “Select A Venue” menu on the left navigation bar and select the court where your case is filed. Click on the “Case Number” button and enter your case number. Then click the search icon. The details of your case are shown, including the date of the next court appearance.

How can I become a judge in Malaysia?

To become a Judge, you must obtain a degree in Law and pass all necessary bar exams or Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP). It would be an added bonus if you take part in extracurricular activities such as debate to enhance your communication skills.

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