Quick Answer: What was the main product that European traders wanted from Southeast Asia?

What product first attracted European traders to the region of Southeast Asia?

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What is the largest country in Southeast Asia? Indonesia
What is the most widely grown crop in Southeast Asia? rice
What is the most common religion in most of mainland Southeast Asia? Buddhism
What product first attracted European traders to Southeast Asia? spices

What were the main products Europeans wanted from Asia?

Spices from Asia, such as pepper and cinnamon, were very important to the Europeans, but other items Europeans coveted included silk and tea from China, as well as Chinese porcelains.

What is the main product traded from Southeast Asia?

India imported cane sugar, spices and tin. In exchange for these products Southeast Asia obtained silver from East Asia and cotton textiles from South Asia (Shimada 2018). Rice was the most important product for both intra-Asian trade and intra-Southeast Asian trade.

Why did Europe trade with Asia?

For centuries, Arab traders had controlled existing trade routes to Africa and Asia, which meant European merchants were forced to buy from Italian traders at high prices. They wanted to trade directly with Africa and Asia, but this meant that they had to find a new sea route.

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What is the most common religion in most of mainland Southeast Asia?

Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity are all practiced within Southeast Asia. Buddhism, particularly the more orthodox Theravada form, dominates the religious pattern of most of the mainland; only in northern Vietnam is the more liberal Mahayana Buddhism more common.

Which two cultures have had the greatest impact on Southeast Asia?

the Malay archipelago is larger in area then any other island group true

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Which two cultures have had the greatest impact on Southeast Asia? China and India

What were the most common items traded between Europe and Asia?

Although silk was the main trading item there were many other goods that travelled along the Silk Road between Page 2 Eastern Asia and Europe. In the course of time, medicine, perfumes, spices and livestock found their way between continents.

How did Europe impact Asia?

European political power, commerce, and culture in Asia gave rise to growing trade in commodities—a key development in the rise of today’s modern world free market economy. … The ensuing rise of the rival Dutch East India Company gradually eclipsed Portuguese influence in Asia.

What is the main export of Southeast Asia?

Leading categories include: tropical oils ($1.7 billion), tree nuts ($1.3 billion), rubber & allied products ($1.3 billion), processed fruit & vegetables ($755 million), and rice ($658 million).

What is the major export of Southeast Asia?

In 2018, top U.S. goods exports to Southeast Asia were electrical machinery such as motors, generators, transformers ($16.3 billion), machinery ($10.2 billion), aircraft ($9.0 billion), mineral fuels ($6.8 billion), and optical and medical instruments ($5.5 billion).

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What is the most imported product?

World’s Top Import Products

Rank Product 2019 Import Purchases
1. Crude oil $1,056,062,568,000
2. Integrated circuits/microassemblies $848,913,525,000
3. Cars $774,285,065,000
4. Processed petroleum oils $663,640,142,000