What is the most rarest animal in Indonesia?

What is the number 1 most rarest animal in the world?

#1 Rarest Animal in the World: Kakapo

Also called an “owl parrot,” the Kakapo can live up to 100 years. However, there are only around 200 known birds that are currently living.

How many animals are endangered in Indonesia?

There are 68 species which are critically endangered and 69 endangered species, and 517 vulnerable species. These wildlife will be eventually extinct if there is no action to save them from extinction.

What is the rarest thing ever?

Eucalyptus deglupta, commonly known as the rainbow eucalyptus, is the only Eucalyptus species found naturally in New Britain, New Guinea, Seram, Sulawesi and Mindanao. As the outer bark is shed annually, the inner greener bark is revealed, which then matures and turns purple, orange and maroon.

Which animal is very rare?

9 of the Rarest Animals in the World and Where to See Them

  • All over the globe, natural habitats continue to disappear. …
  • Amur leopard. …
  • Sumatran rhino. …
  • Hainan gibbon. …
  • Gorilla. …
  • Cuban greater funnel-eared bat. …
  • Spoon-billed sandpiper.

What’s the rarest albino animal?

Gorilla. This is Snowflake, an albino gorilla that used to live in Spain’s Barcelona Zoo. He was euthanized in 2003 after being diagnosed with a rare form of skin cancer, likely caused by his albinism. He was the world’s only known white gorilla.

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