What time is the sunset in Philippines?

What time is golden hour in the Philippines?

Manila, Philippines – Position of the sun in the sky on September 24, 2021

Time: Duration:
Sunrise 05:45
Golden Hour 05:45 – 06:12 27 min.
Zenith 11:48
Golden Hour 17:23 – 17:51 27 min.

What time exactly is sunset?

Accra, Ghana — Sunrise, Sunset, and Daylength, September 2021

Current Time: Sep 6, 2021 at 12:36:32 am
Sun Distance: 93.637 million mi
Next Equinox: Sep 22, 2021 7:21 pm (Sep. Eq.)
Sunrise Today: 5:52 am↑ 84° East
Sunset Today: 6:03 pm↑ 276° West

How much is daylight in Philippines?

The longest day of the year is 12:51 long and the shortest day is 11:08 long. The longest day is 1:43 longer than the shortest day. There is an average of 2105 hours of sunlight per year (of a possible 4383) with an average of 5:45 of sunlight per day.

What time is night in the Philippines?

Night, Twilight, and Daylight Times in Manila Today

Night 12:00 am – 4:33 am
Civil Twilight 5:54 pm – 6:15 pm
Nautical Twilight 6:15 pm – 6:40 pm
Astro. Twilight 6:40 pm – 7:05 pm
Night 7:05 pm – 11:59 pm

Where should solar panels face Philippines?

Face Your Solar Systems Towards the Right Direction

Since the Philippines is above the Equator, then the array orientation (commonly regarded as the direction which the solar panels face) of the areas in the northern hemisphere of the country must be facing the south direction.

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