Which country of Southeast Asia has the highest total exports in 2009 quizlet?

Which country has the highest value of total exports in 2009?

China has been the largest exporter of goods in the world since 2009, and total Chinese exports amounted to $2.641 trillion in 2019. China’s exports and economy grew dramatically following the opening of the country under Deng Xiaoping.

What country has the highest population in Southeast Asia quizlet?

Indonesia has the largest population of 240 million.

Which of these countries has the highest rate of population growth Southeast Asia?

Southeast Asia

Rank Country Annual growth (%)
1 Timor-Leste 2.39
2 Brunei 1.60
3 Philippines 1.59
4 Cambodia 1.56

Which country of Southeast Asia has the lowest statistics for life expectancy?

Life expectancy, in years in South East Asia:

The average for 2019 based on 11 countries was 73.23 years. The highest value was in Singapore: 83.5 years and the lowest value was in Burma (Myanmar): 67.13 years. The indicator is available from 1960 to 2019. Below is a chart for all countries where data are available.

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Which country of Southeast Asia had the highest total exports in 2009?

Singapore and Thailand have a higher value of total reserves in foreign exchange and gold (2009) than all of the other countries of Southeast Asia combined. Singapore ranks first in total exports as well as in total reserves in foreign exchange and gold.

Who held the highest share of world export in 2009?

World top 5 Export and Import partners 2009

World exports to United States worth US$ 1,422,220 million, with a partner share of 11.63 percent. World exports to China worth US$ 869,870 million, with a partner share of 7.12 percent. World exports to Germany worth US$ 852,689 million, with a partner share of 6.97 percent.

Which of these countries is part of insular Southeast Asia?

Insular Southeast Asia is composed of the following six countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, East Timor, and the Philippines.

Where is the population density the highest in South Asia?

Macao had the highest population density in 2018 with approximately 20.8 thousand people per square kilometer. In comparison, there were approximately 450 inhabitants per square kilometer living in India in that year.