Who is the Indian Ambassador to Myanmar?

Which place is Embassy of India in Myanmar?

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Telephone Numbers: 00-95-2-4080355/4081019
Email: cg.mandalay@mea.gov.in, hoc.mandalay@mea.gov.in
Address: Ta-1/25, 65th street, Corner of Ngu War Street, Chan Mya Thazi Township, Myothit, Mandalay, Myanmar – 05041 (Myanmar)
Time Difference: 1 hour (IST)
Office hours: 09:00 Hrs to 17:30 Hrs

Who is the Indian ambassador to chin?


Name Title Date until
Ashok Kantha Ambassador 20 January 2016
Vijay Gokhale Ambassador 21 October 2017
Gautam Bambawale Ambassador 30 November 2018
Vikram Misri Ambassador

Who came to India as an ambassador?

U.S. Ambassadors to the Republic of India (1950-present)

Name State Appointment
Richard Verma Pennsylvania December 12, 2014
MaryKay Carlson Arkansas January 20, 2017
Kenneth Juster New York November 3, 2017
Donald Heflin Virginia January 20, 2021

How many foreign ambassadors does the India have?

There are about 100 Foreign Embassies and 136 Consulates placed in the territory of India.

Are Chinese nationals allowed to visit India?

Ironically Chinese nationals continue to travel to India despite the absence of direct connectivity. … Addressing a weekly press conference, MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said, “Currently, persons from China, including Chinese nationals, are able to travel to India despite the absence of direct connectivity.

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Who was the first woman ambassador from India?

She was also the first woman to join the Indian Foreign Service. She was the first Indian woman diplomat as well. Later, she became the first Indian woman Ambassador (or High Commissioner) also.

C. B. Muthamma.

Chonira Belliappa Muthamma
Allegiance India
Years of service 1949–1982
Rank Ambassador

Who is the youngest ambassador of India?

He was the former official spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in the Government of India. He was the youngest ever official spokesperson.

Raveesh Kumar.

Raveesh Kumar IFS
Born January 26, 1971 Bhagalpur, Bihar, India
Nationality Indian
Spouse(s) Ranjana Raveesh
Children 2

Can I go to Myanmar without visa?

The immigration policy of Myanmar currently states that there are no foreign nationals who can enter Burma without a visa. … This eVisa allow holders to visit Myanmar for purposes of either tourism or business. The period of permitted period of stay is 28 days for tourism, or 70 days for business.

Can I get visa on arrival in Myanmar?

You can only get a Myanmar Visa On Arrival for Tourism and Business purposes, including attending a seminar or conference, as well as for Transit. However, only citizens of certain countries can apply for a Myanmar Visa On Arrival.

Can we go to Myanmar without passport?

The Government of Burma controls travel to, from, and within Burma. To enter Burma, you must have a valid passport with at least six months remaining validity and a valid visa. You should apply for your visa at a Burmese embassy or consulate abroad before you arrive in Burma.

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