Who were the River Rats in Vietnam?

Who was the Vietnam River Rats?

“The River Rats were held to a high standard and fought with honor alongside the free people of South Vietnam. They are the only men in the history of the Navy authorized to wear the black beret, and they won their part of the Vietnam War.”

How did the River Rats get their name?

“We decided to name ourselves ‘The River Rats’ because the Post is located on the Alafia River, within walking distance to the water,” said Stinson, who serves as chaplain for the Post. “But there’s a lot more to it than that.”

What is a river rat person?

1 : riverman sense 1. 2 : one who spends his leisure time on or along a river.

What was the River Rats official association name?

The group was dubbed Red River Valley Pilots Association after a heavily defended combat area in North Vietnam.

What boats were used in Vietnam?

To combat the Viet Cong guerillas disrupting communications and supplies in the Mekong Delta during the Vietnam War, the U.S. Navy utilized small fiberglass hull boats designated Patrol Boat, Riverine (PBR). The boats had an enlisted crew of four and began operations in March 1966 with Operation Game Warden.

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What are the biggest rats in the world?

The species is among the largest muroids in the world, growing up to about 0.9 m (3 ft) long, including the tail, which makes up half of its total length.

Gambian pouched rat
Class: Mammalia
Order: Rodentia
Family: Nesomyidae
Genus: Cricetomys

Are River Rats real?

The river rat (Myocastor coypus) is a stocky and rotund rodent that also has two other oft-used monikers — both “nutria” and “coypu.” River rats are more comfortable and brisk underwater than otherwise, and as a result usually set up residence in damp habitats that have no shortage of water.

What’s the difference between a rat and a muskrat?

Rats live primarily on land and prefer to build their nests underground, in trees or in elevated areas within buildings. Muskrats, on the other hand, are aquatic and prefer to live in the wetlands. … Muskrats have thicker tails than rats and can survive longer underwater.

What do you call someone who lives on a river?

[ ri-pair-ee-uhn, rahy- ] SHOW IPA.

Do rats live in Maine?

Norway rats, also known as brown or sewer rats, are believed to have originated in China (not Norway), and are now found on every continent except Antarctica. It is the dominant rat in Europe and throughout most of North America, and in Maine during the past few years, it seems as if their numbers have exploded.