You asked: Do you think MQA is really necessary to ensure higher education quality in Malaysia?

Why is MQA important?

Role. The main role of the MQA is to implement the Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF) as a basis for quality assurance of higher education and as the reference point for the criteria and standards for national qualifications.

Is MQA accreditation important?

The main role of the MQA is to carry out the Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF) to ensure the quality of Malaysia’s higher education. The body does this by enforcing course accreditation to regulate the curriculum and operational standards of higher learning institutions.

Is MQA recognized worldwide?

MQA ensures all higher learning educational programs in Malaysia are held up to global standards and are fit not just for the future of the country’s younger generation but are also accepted by establishments the world over.

Is MQA better than FLAC?

TLDR: MQA isn’t lossless, is arguably worse than normal flac, and is seemingly nothing more than a (quite effective) scheme to generate licensing fees.

How do I know if I have MQA?

To check on the status of Government recognition for the purpose of appointments into the public service sector before January 1, 2017, please refer to the Civil Service Qualification Recognition System (esisraf)

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What happens if a course is not accredited?

The problem with an unaccredited course is that there is no quality control. Governing bodies cannot assess or guide training schools if they do not apply for accreditation. … In short, an accredited course means that students know they are receiving quality education.

What is the difference between MQA and Mqr?

MQA maintains the Malaysian Qualifications Register (MQR) which registers all accredited qualifications and programmes. MQR is the reference point for credit transfer between programmes and qualifications that are accredited.

How do I know if my degree certificate is valid?

The most effective way to identify fake degrees is to obtain confirmation of the university’s address. For an Indian university, one must cross-check the university details at the University Grant Commission (UGC) website ( and National Academic Depository (NAD) (

What is highest level of qualification?

Highest qualification means the most advanced (i.e., highest) academic award (e.g., high school, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree) that you’ve been granted (i.e., completed).

What does fully accredited mean?

Fully accredited means the highest or most comprehensive level of accreditation granted as defined by the nationally recognized accrediting body.

How do you know if a university is recognized?

The degree(s)/diploma(s)/certificate(s) are verified/validated by the issuing authority i.e. concerned university/institution only. DEB, UGC can provide the recognition status of the university/Institution which is available on the UGC website at