You asked: What is a red number plate in Thailand?

What does a green license plate mean in Thailand?

Business and tourist rental vehicles have a green background with white text, private cards have a. white background with black text and private vans have a white background and blue text. Private pick-up trucks have a white background with green text and private motorized tuk tuks have a white background an. d red …

How much is car tax in Thailand?

The fee will vary according to the type and age of your vehicle. You should expect to pay around 300 to 400 baht for a new tax sticker for your motorbike and between 1,000 to 7,000 baht for your car. For example, the cost of renewing a Toyota Altis 1.8’s registration is roughly 2,000 baht.

What is a black license plate?

The classic black plates that were on cars from 1963 to 1969 are back in production. You may be noticing them on new cars, but the good news is anyone can order these iconic plates. … The new plates cost $50 and anyone can order them, regardless of your car’s age.

What does a black number plate mean?

The historic black and silver number plate has been around since 1903, and was issued in the UK following the Motor Car Act 1903 as a means to ensure all vehicles could be legally recognised in the event of a road traffic collision, or could be recovered if stolen.

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What does a 4 digit license plate mean?

In those states, plates with four numbers or fewer have a mysterious allure, making them so desirable that drivers bequeath them to relatives, pay large sums of money for them and jump at every opportunity to get them.

Who owns the 1 number plate?

Registration Number ‘VIP 1’

In 2006, Russian billionaire and owner of Chelsea Football Club Roman Abramovich bought ‘VIP 1’ for £285,000. While these personalised car registrations may be a little out of reach for most of us, you can still have your own bespoke plate to cherish.

Are plate covers illegal in Philippines?

The Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) announced today that it supports Joint Administrative Order (JAO) No. 2014-01 of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Land Transportation Office (LTO) banning the attachment of covers and holders on motor vehicle license plates.

Does Thailand have yellow license plates?

The registration ID consists of two digits and four serial digits, separated by a horizontal line. The word “THAILAND” is displayed above the ID, and the province of registration is displayed below the ID. The color of the text is black, and the color of the background is yellow or white.

What countries have yellow number plates?

Yellow registration plates are used both front and rear in Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Denmark and Hungary use yellow plates for vehicles registered as commercial vehicles. Denmark implemented the EU format on a voluntary basis in 2009.