Your question: How many highways are there in Malaysia?

How many roads are there in Malaysia?

Roads. Malaysia’s road network covers 250,023 kilometres (155,357 mi), of which 248,067 kilometres (154,142 mi) is paved/unpaved roads, and 1,957 kilometres (1,216 mi) is expressways.

How many highways are in the world?

In 2018, there were a total of 64,285,009 km of any kind of roads in the world. These were shared between 411,853 km of expressways and 63,873,156 km of normal roads (paved and not paved).

What is the main problem of public transport in Malaysia?

While our rail system has become the main backbone of Malaysia’s public transport system, public buses remain a concern. Due to punctuality, private bus and feeder bus services that link commuters to the train system across KL are still inefficient.

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