Your question: Is Zalora a Singapore company?

Is ZALORA based in Singapore?

About Zalora

As one of the region’s pioneer large scale ecommerce platforms, ZALORA has established a strong presence throughout the region, particularly in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and in Taiwan, enjoying over 50 million visits per month.

Is ZALORA a Chinese company?

Zalora, founded in 2012, is leading the internet fashion industry webs in Southeast Asia. Zalora is Singapore’s ASOS (Britain online retailer) operating in 8 countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and Brunei. …

Is ZALORA a Malaysian company?

ZALORA is Asia’s leading online fashion destination. We are the largest and fastest growing fashion focused e-commerce site in Southeast Asia. Founded in early 2012, we are present in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia & Brunei, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Who is ZALORA competitors?

ZALORA’s competitors

ZALORA’s top competitors include Lazada, iPrice, Filling Pieces and Boohoo. ZALORA is an e-commerce platform and website, providing fashion and footwear products. Lazada is a company developing an online shopping and selling marketplace.

Is ZALORA trustworthy?

ZALORA is a legit online retailer that holds a very high standard and process in making sure that all brands including both local and international brands from ZALORA shoes, clothing, accessories, beauty products etc are 100% authentic. … All products sold on ZALORA are authentic.

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Are Zalora clothes good quality?

Zalora Philippines has a consumer rating of 3.02 stars from 110 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. … Zalora Philippines ranks 226th among Women’s Clothing sites.

Why is Zalora successful?

As Hoppe summarizes, “The region’s online retail market is growing rapidly, but its diversity and fragmentation present unique challenges.” [2] ZALORA successfully overcomes limitations by developing its own capabilities: 70% of its order are fulfilled by its own delivery fleet which collects cash directly from …

Is Zalora a brand?

ZALORA is the leading name in online shopping for fashion, carrying an ever-expanding line-up of top local and international brands tailored for consumers in the Philippines.

Who is the CEO of ZALORA?

What is ZALORA known for?

With a broad network of logistical service, ZALORA is known for speedy and reliable deliveries, as well as offering multiple payment methods, including cash-on-delivery across its markets. ZALORA provides up to 30-day free returns and free delivery after a certain spend.