Best answer: Did Malaysia Airlines retire the A380?

Does Malaysian Airlines have A380?

Malaysia Airlines operates a fleet of Boeing 737 narrow-body jet airliners, while Airbus A330, Airbus A350 and Airbus A380 widebody aircraft are used for its long haul operations.

How many A380 are left?

Currently, out of 119 Emirates’ Airbus A380 aircraft, 90 are parked due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, data shows. Emirates and the Airbus A380 seem inseparable at the moment. While other airlines are retiring their double-deckers, Emirates remains a firm believer.

How many A380 does Singapore Airlines have?

Current fleet

Aircraft In service Orders
Airbus A350-900 49 11
Airbus A350-900ULR 7
Airbus A380-800 19

How many Airbus A380 does Emirates have?

Current fleet

Aircraft In service Notes
Airbus A380-800 119 Largest operator
Boeing 777-200LR 10 Largest operator
Boeing 777-300ER 124

Are any A380 still flying?

While the entire ANA’s fleet of Airbus A380 are currently parked, the operator had no plans to ground them for good. The Japanese carrier used its three A380s exclusively for flights to Hawaii. Following the coronavirus outbreak, the airline suspended the route on March 25, 2020, grounding the Super Jumbos.

Which airlines are still flying the A380?

Airbus A380 Operators: Which Airlines Are Left?

  • Emirates is the world’s largest A380 operator and was the first to bring the superjumbo back into service after the grounding. …
  • China Southern operates a relatively small fleet of five A380s. …
  • ANA’s third A380 will likely arrive in Tokyo once demand returns.
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Which plane is bigger 747 or A380?

The Boeing 747-8i has a Length of 76.3 m / 250 ft 2 in and a wingspan of 68.4 m / 224 ft 5 in. In comparison on size the A380 is 72.7 m / 238 ft 6 in marginally smaller that the 747-8i. The A380 does have a larger wingspan that the overall length at 79.8m / 261 ft 10 in.

How heavy is an Airbus A380?

Even more efficient, still unique

Range 14 800 km
Max ramp weight 577 tonnes
Max take-off weight 575 tonnes
Max landing weight 394 tonnes
Max zero fuel weight 369 tonnes