Can you sail to Bangkok?

Can you sail to Thailand?

Thailand is a year round sailing destination. … It is consistently dry and sunny, with ideal conditions for sailing. If you wish to visit the Similan Islands you can only do so during the North East Monsoon and will be asked to sign a Moorings disclaimer before you leave the base.

Can you take a boat from America to Thailand?

There are no regular passenger ship plying between the US and Thailand, but cruise ships, as I mentioned, do call at both Lam Chabang and Samut Prakarn’s Uthai Terminal (mainly smaller ships). I think the cost would be very high.

Do you need a boat license in Thailand?

All boats in Thai waters need to be under the control of a suitably qualified individual, holding a licence for the appropriate size of vessel.

Are there any cruise from Thailand?

There is no dearth of the most fabulous cruises from Thailand, including Wan Fan Chao Phraya Riverboat Cruise, River Kwai Cruise, Thai Yachts Boutique cruise, Ayutthaya river cruise, Koh Samui island cruise, Rice barge afternoon cruise and many more.

Is Thailand good for sailing?

Consistently dry and sunny weather are the best sailing conditions. The Similan Islands can only be visited during the northeast monsoon. … It is recommended to anchor at the east side of islands or in protected bays. Sailing in the Phang Nga Bay right down to Koh Phi Phi is possible at strong sea conditions.

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Can foreigners own boats in Thailand?

A foreigner must bear in mind that in essence he/she, as an individual, has absolutely no right to own a Thai vessel. The law explicitly stipulates that the owner of a Thai vessel, which trades in Thai waters, shall be either a Thai national as an ordinary person or a juristic entity registered under Thai law.

Can you live on a boat in Thailand?

When looking for a Liveaboard in Thailand, it’s usually to dive the areas of The Andaman Sea. Well-known for its world famous liveaboard diving. Home to a huge variety of marine life, including whale sharks, manta rays, endless numbers of reef fish and beautiful corals, there really is no other place like Thailand.

Can yachts enter Thailand?

Thailand is now allowing yachts to arrive, report, anchor at a designated location in a safe location, and for the crew to undertake a compulsory 14-day quarantine on board their vessel.