Frequent question: Who implemented K 12 in the Philippines?

Why K-12 is implemented in the Philippines?

The K to 12 system aims to improve Filipino students’ skills in mathematics, science, and linguistics to further exhibit competence in the global job market. With the new curriculum, the Department of Education promises to offer higher quality education through the strands.

Who are the two presidents who are responsible for the implementation of K-12 in the Philippines?

MANILA, Philippines – President Benigno Aquino III on Wednesday, May 15, signed the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013 into law, more commonly known as the K-12 program.

How did K-12 start in the Philippines?

The new curriculum initially gained ground in 2011 with the enactment of RA 10157, which made compulsory kindergarten education for children at least 5 years old. With the additional two years in high school, the K-12 program aims to prepare students for college, future employment and entrepreneurship.

What year did senior high school started in the Philippines?

As prescribed in the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013 (the Act), in June 2016 DepEd will launch senior high school (SHS) nationwide, a new level of basic education consisting of grades 11 and 12.

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What are the effects of K-12 in the Philippine collegiate level?

Graduates of the K to 12 program will be perceived with increased competency and have better global opportunities. The improved basic education curriculum is decongested and focused. Students will have more time learning core academic areas thus ensuring better comprehension.

What is the main purpose of K to 12?

K to 12 (also K-12) is an education system under the Department of Education that aims to enhance learners’ basic skills, produce more competent citizens, and prepare graduates for lifelong learning and employment.

Is K-12 beneficial or not?

Is K-12 beneficial or not? The K-12 program is still beneficial as it gives a better quality of education. In addition, with the additional 2 years in high school, students will be given more time to master competencies and skills through the specialized upper secondary education.

What does K through 12 mean?

K-12 Curriculum and pupil assessment. … The K-12 system stands for ‘from kindergarten to 12th grade‘. This equates roughly to a school starting age of around five through to Grade 12 at around the age of 18.

Is SHS under CHED or DepEd?

Senior High School (SHS) Support is a project by CHED in coordination with DepEd to ensure high quality of teaching amid varying contexts, locations, and experience of teachers across the country.

Who implemented the Angat Pinoy?

The Philippines 2000 program would be succeeded by two other socio-economic programs: Angat Pinoy 2004, instituted by Joseph Estrada, the ten-point Strong Republic agenda instituted by Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Daang Matuwid agenda instituted by Benigno Aquino III, and the Build Build Build agenda instituted by Rodrigo …

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