How can I apply Singapore in COC?

How can I get Singapore clash of clans in India?

Steps for obtaining Singapore COC (Certificate of Clearance)

  1. Call us on our phone number +91 9868106032 or +91 9810411824 or send an email to book an appointment.
  2. Once, appointment is booked please come to our office with two Govt. …
  3. We will take your fingerprints and will also help in completing your application form.

How long does it take to get COC in Singapore?

Generally for Singapore Citizens and successfully appealed cases, it will take 5 working days to process the COC application upon receipt of completed applications with all the necessary documents.

How much is certificate of clearance Singapore?

The processing fee for each application is $55.00 (an additional overseas postage fee of S$5.00 applies for applications via post from other countries).

How do I apply for good conduct in Singapore?

Other Information

  2. Procedure A: …
  3. STEP 2 – Go to ‘Quicklinks’ —> Letter of Good Conduct (SKB)
  4. STEP 3 – Submit application online.
  5. STEP 4 – Print out acknowledgement slip.
  6. STEP 5 – Check the status of your application online.
  7. (processing time: Max.

How can a foreigner get Singapore police clearance?

Application for overseas Singapore Citizens

  1. Apply for COC at the SPF eServices webpage and search for “Certificate of Clearance”. …
  2. Complete the online forms and make payment via Credit/Debit Card or I-Banking.
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How can I check my criminal record in Singapore?

If you wish to check the spent status of your criminal record, you may do so by logging in with your SingPass on the Singapore Police Force’s E-Services Portal > Enquiry > Police Matters > Status of Check Rendered Spent. You will then be able to check if your criminal record is eligible to be spent.

How long is CoC valid for?

A CoC remains valid for the lifetime of an installation but excludes maintenance items, and if any alterations have been done to the electrical installation, the owner/lessor must obtain a supplementary CoC according to clause 7(4) which states: Where any addition or alteration has been effected to an electrical …

How do I apply for CoC?

Online COC Application

  1. Download the following excel file format with the corresponding type of applicant: …
  2. Fill-up all mandatory fields (mark with asterisk) in the excel file and place N/A if not applicable. …
  3. Submit the completed excel file to