How far is Chicago from Malaysia?

How many hours is Chicago to Malaysia?

Flight time from Chicago, Il to Kuala Lumpur is 21 hours 10 minutes.

How far is Chicago from the beach?

There are 716.61 miles from Chicago to Ocean in east direction and 829 miles (1,334.15 kilometers) by car, following the I-76 E and PATP E route. Chicago and Ocean are 12 hours 36 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop .

How long is the flight from Chicago to PH?

Flight time from Chicago, Il to Manila is 19 hours 15 minutes.

What is the cleanest beach in Chicago?

Some of the cleanest beaches, according to last year’s testing data: 57th Street, Howard Street, Jarvis Street, and Loyola Street, North Avenue, Oak Street, and Oakwood Beaches in Chicago; Willmette’s Gillson and Langdon Beaches; Winnetka’s Lloyd, Maple Park and Tower Beaches; and all of Evanston’s beaches beat the …

What ocean is Chicago near?

The city of Chicago is located in northern Illinois, United States, at the south western tip of Lake Michigan. It sits on the Saint Lawrence Seaway continental divide at the site of the Chicago Portage, an ancient trade route connecting the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes watersheds.

Is Philadelphia close to Chicago?

Distance from Chicago to Philadelphia

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The geographic midpoint between Chicago and Philadelphia is in 332.25 mi (534.70 km) distance between both points in a bearing of 101.37°. … The shortest distance (air line) between Chicago and Philadelphia is 664.49 mi (1,069.39 km).

How long is it from Chicago to Japan?

Flight time from Chicago to Tokyo is 16 hours 35 minutes.