How long can an EP holder be away from Singapore?

How long can EP holder stay outside Singapore?

Yes, you can work overseas as long as necessary, if it’s for your Singapore-based employer. The same requirements will still apply. If you want to leave Singapore for more than 6 months to work for an overseas employer, you should cancel your Personalised Employment pass ( PEP ).

Does EP holder need to stay in Singapore?

If you lose your job, you will have 30 days to stay in Singapore and complete all formalities. … All EP holders can bring their family members to stay in Singapore if the monthly salary of the holder is at least S$6000. To apply, your employer will need to submit a separate application for each family member.

How long does an EP last Singapore?

Pass facts

Who it is for Foreign professionals with a job offer in Singapore who meet the eligibility criteria.
What is the duration The duration of the pass is as follows: First-time candidates: up to 2 years Renewals: up to 3 years
Is it renewable Yes. Find out how to renew.
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What is EP salary?

Only eligible candidates will be considered for an Employment Pass. Criteria include a minimum salary of $4,500 and acceptable qualifications. Use the Self-Assessment Tool to check a candidate’s eligibility before you apply.

Can EP holder work for another company?

In general, EP holders can only work for their employer as specified on their work pass. As such, when EP holders take up directorship appointments (be it executive or non-executive) in another company, they must discharge directorship duties under the Companies Act.

Is it difficult to get EP in Singapore?

Bottomline: With new regulations, economic headwinds and political sensitivity, Singapore EP, or S Pass, will be significantly more difficult to get in 2020. … Key Takeaways: S Pass quotas will be reduced in 2021 and 2023 respectively.

Can I stay in Singapore without a job?

Yes. You can stay in Singapore for 6 months.

What is the difference between S Pass and E pass in Singapore?

Employment Pass in Singapore applies to highly skilled professionals with high qualifications and job offers in Singapore. … S Pass is applicable for Mid-level skilled staff or technicians.

Can I extend my stay in Singapore?

Visitors who are in Singapore as a tourist for social purposes or seeking medical treatment, and require a longer period of stay beyond the Visit Pass granted on entry into Singapore, may submit an application for extension of stay (not more than 89 days from date of entry) online using the e-Service.

What happen if my work permit expires?

Are there any fines for not canceling or renewing an electronic work permit? A fine of 200 dirhams for each month of delay, and a maximum of 2,000 dirhams after expiration date.

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Can I extend my short term visit pass?

The extension will allow you to stay for a maximum of 89 days from the date you initially entered (not the date you are applying for the Pass Extension). You can apply for a Visit Pass Extension online through ICS’s e-Service. If you are unable to apply online, you can apply at the ICA offices in Singapore.