How would you describe Thai iced tea?

What is special about Thai tea?

Like many forms of herbal tea, Thai tea is rich in antioxidants that can help you maintain a healthy immune system. Studies have shown that Thai tea has similar levels of antioxidants as green tea and other herbal teas popularized specifically for their anti-inflammatory benefits.

What makes Thai tea taste different?

Thai tea usually contains powder made from star anise. One popular beverage served in Thai restaurants is a sweetened iced tea known as Thai tea. This drink has a distinctively floral and spicy flavor, mellowed by the addition of sweetened, condensed milk.

Is it bad to drink Thai tea everyday?

Since Thai tea is made from black tea leaves, it’s full of antioxidants, which help prevent cancer. … The more you drink this tea, the lower your risk becomes, so be sure to drink up! Healthy Arteries. Consuming Thai tea actually expands your arteries, which makes them significantly healthier.

Why is it called Thai tea?

Thanks to the popularity of Thai restaurants abroad, Thai iced tea (Cha Yen ชาเย็น, literally meaning “cold tea”). has become one of the first things foreigners discover when dining at a typical Thai restaurant.

Is Thai food good for you?

Traditional Thai cuisine is quite healthy and largely based on vegetables, lean proteins, and fresh herbs and spices. Certain Thai dishes are high in refined carbs and may contain deep-fried foods, added sugar, or high amounts of salt.

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Is Thai tea high in sugar?

Thai tea is made with black tea leaves, so it may provide the same benefits as a regular cup of black tea. However, traditional Thai tea contains a lot of sugar, which could have a very negative impact on your health.

Does Starbucks make Thai tea?

Thai Iced Tea is a delicious drink made with Ceylon tea, condensed milk and sugar. With my recipe on the Starbucks Secret Menu, you can get a good copycat Thai Iced Tea, even without Ceylon tea or condensed milk. …