What are Christmas traditions in Indonesia?

What are 3 traditions of Christmas?


  • 1 Church attendance.
  • 2 Decorations.
  • 3 Nativity play.
  • 4 Music and carols.
  • 5 Traditional cuisine.
  • 6 Cards.
  • 7 Commemorative stamps.
  • 8 Gift giving. 8.1 Gift-bearing figures.

Is Santa real in Indonesia?

In Indonesia, Santa Claus is also very popular and is called ‘Sinterklass’ (that’s because Indonesia used to be ruled by The Netherlands). … In Indonesia, Happy/Merry Christmas is ‘Selamat Natal’. Happy/Merry Christmas in lots more languages.

Do Indonesia have Christmas?

Christians in Indonesia enjoy celebrating Christmas and have festive traditions of their own. Locals that celebrate Christmas will typically attend a church service on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day, much like Christians here in the UK. … In Toraja, their own festival on Christmas Day also ends with fireworks.

Why Christmas is called Natal?

The Portuguese word for Christmas is Natal, which is how the Gujaratis refer to the festival. Incidentally, the word is also the name of a province in South Africa. It is widely believed that the region was named so since the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama discovered it on the day of Christmas.

Do Balinese Hindu celebrate Christmas?

When Christmas season comes, the Balinese people have respect for the Christians and some also join in on the Christmas celebrations! … On Christmas day there is a tradition called Ngejot – this is when Christians give their neighbours food on Christmas day.

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What is the weirdest Christmas tradition?

Krampus. St. Nicholas, Father Christmas, or Santa Claus is the weirdest Christmas tradition ever, but he is so well known and so well documented that his origins are beyond the scope of this particular post. As a tool to encourage good behavior in children, Santa serves as the carrot, and Krampus is the stick.

What is the most common Christmas tradition?

Of the many Christmas traditions celebrated around the world, the most common thread is the celebration of a shared meal. Create memories and reflect on the year by joining friends and family together to enjoy a delicious meal.