What are the essential characteristics of slum communities in the Philippines?

What are the characteristics of slums?


Characteristic Census
Density A compact area of at least 300 population or about 60–70 households
House Poorly built congested tenements in unhygienic environment usually with inadequate infrastructure
Water Lacking proper drinking water facilities
Sanitation Lacking in proper sanitary facilities

What are the characteristics of a slum a densely populated area )?

Slum, Densely populated area of substandard housing, usually in a city, characterized by unsanitary conditions and social disorganization. Rapid industrialization in 19th-century Europe was accompanied by rapid population growth and the concentration of working-class people in overcrowded, poorly built housing.

What are 4 characteristics of people living in slums?

Specifically, a slum was defined as a group of households lacking one or more of the following: (1) durable housing of a permanent nature that protects against extreme climate conditions; (2) inadequate living space; (3) easy access to safe water in sufficient amounts at an affordable price; (4) adequate access to …

What are the main problems associated with slums?

Slums are often prone to floods, waterlogging, fire etc. There is no proper drainage and sewerage and this leads to recurrence of water-borne diseases like cholera, gastro-enteritis and jaundice.

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What are the types of slums?

Thus, there are two types of slums: Notified slums and non-notified slums. Notified slum dwellers can usually afford to invest in education and skill training, while residents in non-notified slums are mostly unconnected to basic services and formal livelihood opportunities [34] .

How does living in slums affect people’s lives?

High rates of illness within slum communities cause a decline in productivity and prevent children from attending school normally. For those who can, studies have shown a clear decline in performance at school and a much higher drop-out rate due to poor health.

What are the disadvantages of living in a slum?

Discuss the cons. E.g risky neighborhood, lack of amenities and sanitation; inability to get residence certificate and lack of access to institutional credit etc. Discuss how these factors prevent/ promote slum development and relocation.

What are three characteristics of slums?

According to UN Expert Group, slum has been defined as an area that combines various features, including inadequate access to safe water, inadequate access to sanitation and other infrastructure, poor structural quality of housing; overcrowding and insecure residential status.

What are slums answer?

A slum is an area of a city where living conditions are very bad and where the houses are in bad condition. If someone is slumming it or is slumming, they are spending time in a place or in conditions that are at a much lower social level than they are used to. …