What is the national food of Cambodia?

What is Cambodia best known for?

Best known as both the home of the colossal temples of Angkor Wat and for the brutal Khmer Rouge era of the 1970s and later civil war, Cambodian history encompasses both some of humanity’s greatest artistic accomplishments and most horrific deeds.

What fruit is Cambodia known for?

The durian is considered the “king”, the mangosteen the “queen”, sapodilla the “prince” and the milk fruit the “princess”. Other popular fruit include kuy fruit, romduol, pineapple, rose apple, jackfruit, papaya, watermelon, banana, mango and rambutan.

Is Cambodia safe at night?

Crime & Violence

There is no need to be paranoid, just cautious. Walking or riding alone late at night is not ideal, certainly not in rural areas. There have been several incidents of lone females being assaulted in isolated forests or rural areas, usually after dark.

What kind of rice do they eat in Cambodia?

The majority of rice grown in the country can be split into two types: fragrant and white rice. Unmilled—rice that has only had the husk removed—white rice is what feeds the majority of families in Cambodia, and there are many varieties. Some grow best in the wet season and others in the dry season.

What is the most popular fruit in Cambodia?

Fruits of Cambodia

  • Passion Fruit.
  • Durian Fruit.
  • Rambutan.
  • Jackfruit.
  • Mangosteens.
  • Mien.
  • Dragonfruit.
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