What school have a tourism course in the Philippines?

What is the best school for tourism in the Philippines?

6 of the best tourism schools in the Philippines:

  • Lyceum of the Philippines University – Manila.
  • Central Philippine University.
  • University of the Philippines – Diliman.
  • University of Santo Tomas.
  • Philippine Women’s College of Davao.
  • De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde.

What school have a tourism course in Philippines?

Lyceum of the Philippines University.

Which Philippine University College is the best for BS tourism Management course?

Lyceum of the Philippines

The College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management of the Lyceum of the Philippines was founded in 1998 and has since been dedicated to produce highly skilled professionals in the field.

Does University of the Philippines have tourism course?

The program is a ladderized curriculum which provides students with specific skills and competencies to enhance their opportunities to work while studying. The Tourism Management Program covers the study of various components related to the travel and tour industry. …

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What is the best course in the Philippines?

The following are considered to be among the top courses in the Philippines, their tuition costs, and their career monetary rewards.

  • Aviation, Aircraft/Aeronautics Operations or Engineering. …
  • Commerce or Economics. …
  • Civil Engineering. …
  • Computer Science/Programming. …
  • Medical and healthcare.

What jobs can you get if you study tourism?

What Jobs Can You Get With a Tourism Management Degree?

  • Front desk clerk/receptionist.
  • Events manager.
  • Hotel or resort manager.
  • Housekeeper.
  • Tour operator.
  • Tourism marketing manager.
  • Travel agency manager.
  • Tourist Information Centre manager.

How much is the salary of Tourism in Philippines?

Fresh Graduates

Rank Job Average Monthly Salary (PHP)
1 Travel and Tourism 20,629
2 Telecommunication 19,975
3 Computer / Information Technology (Hardware) 18,963
4 Hotel / Hospitality 18,940

How much is the tuition fee in PhilSCA?

Aviation courses offered at PHILSCA Main

Bachelor’s courses
Master of Education in Aeronautical Management details >
X close Master of Education in Aeronautical Management Duration: 2 years Admission requirements: Tuition Fees: P 1,800-5,400 per semester P 3,600-11,000 per year Last updated: October 2018

How much is the tuition fee in UST?

About how much is the tuition fee in UST? College: approximately PhP 50,000 to 60,000 per semester. Junior High School: approximately PhP 100,000 per year. Education High School: approximately PhP 30,000 per year.

Is Tourism course easy?

About my college education: Tourism is one of the easiest courses nowadays. It both developed my knowledge and my personality. You will learn the history of different places around the world.

How much is the tuition fee of HRM in LPU?

HRM courses offered at LPU Manila

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Bachelor’s courses
Master in International Hospitality Management details > contact >
X close Master in International Hospitality Management Duration: 2 years Admission requirements: Tuition Fees: P 14,500-25,000 per semester P 29,000-50,000 per year Last updated: June 2019 Contact >>

What are the subjects in Tourism course?

9 Examples of Different Types & Topics of Tourism Courses

  • An Introduction to Tourism Course. …
  • Tourism Courses in Marketing & Promotion. …
  • Sustainability in Tourism Courses. …
  • Cultural Tourism Courses. …
  • Event Planning & Management in Tourism. …
  • Tourism Courses on Development & Economics. …
  • Financial Management Tourism Courses.