Who is the owner of Bangkok Airways?

Has Bangkok Airways crashed?

Bangkok Airways Flight 266 was a scheduled domestic passenger flight from Krabi Airport to Samui Airport, Thailand. On 4 August 2009, the aircraft overran the runway on landing and crashed into an old and unmanned control tower. 1 pilot died and 41 other people were injured.

Bangkok Airways Flight 266.

Runway Overrun
Injuries 41
Survivors 71

Is Thai Airways privately owned?

Thai Airways International Public Co,. ltd is a national enterprise subordinated to the Ministry of Transport. It is a public company registered in The Securities Exchange of Thailand since 1991 with the Ministry of Finance as a dominance shareholder at more then 50%.

What planes do Bangkok Airways use?

The current fleet comprises of 9 Airbus 320s, 16 Airbus 319s and 13 ATR72-600s, each aircraft decorated in different liveries of various exotic destinations.

  • Airbus 320. …
  • Airbus 319. …
  • ATR 72-600.

How many Thai Airways planes have crashed?

A total of 101 people were killed in the crash. Thailand’s Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee (AAIC) opened an investigation into the accident. The investigation revealed that the crew had become disoriented. Visibility was limited.

Thai Airways International Flight 261.

Injuries 45
Survivors 45

Who is the CEO of Thai Airways?

No further details about his role have been revealed yet. On Wednesday (16 June), Thai Airways International announced that its acting CEO, Chansin Treenuchagron, had resigned from his post. The airline’s chief of human resources, Suvadhana Sibunruang, will be taking over the reins as acting CEO.

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Is Thai Airways closing down?

For now, the future of Thai Airways remains uncertain. While the airline is unlikely to completely shut down, according to experts, a prolonged bankruptcy is possible.

Are Thai Airways still flying?

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) continues to operate regularly scheduled flights to and from Bangkok-Hong Kong and recommends that passengers arrive at the airport earlier than usual.