Why was the Vietnam wall so controversial?

Why was the Vietnam veterans memorial controversial initially?

A group of veterans protested the design, claiming that it was an ugly insult that portrayed the war as shameful, dishonorable and worth hiding. “For too long the veterans of that miserable conflict have borne the burden of the national ambivalence about the war,” wrote one critic.

What were the main problems with the original design of the Vietnam Wall?

They complained about the walls being black. They did not like the idea that it was below ground level. They did not like its minimalist design. They felt it was a slap in the face to those who had served because it did not contain traditional symbols honoring service, courage, and sacrifice.

Why was the Vietnam War memorial so controversial quizlet?

Why was the Vietnam Way Memorial so controversial? No one wanted the war to happen in the first place, so having a memorial was a constant reminder of the war no one wanted. Many people also blamed the soldier for the war, so a veteran built monument didn’t sit so easy.

Who was given credit for the idea of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial?

Jan Scruggs

Jan Craig Scruggs
Born 1950 (age 70–71) Bowie, Maryland, U.S.
Occupation Nonprofit foundation executive
Known for Conceiving and building the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Parent(s) James and Louise Scruggs
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What was Reagan’s message How did he make people feel quizlet?

Reagan’s message was to love country, fear communism, and scorn government. He believed in supply-side economics and called for huge increases in military spending.