Will US phone work in Thailand?

Can you use US phones internationally?

Every major cell phone company has some sort of international roaming option. These range from excellent to extortionate and are your easiest (though not often best) option. If your carrier is T-Mobile, Sprint, or Google Project Fi, you’re covered with some kind of unlimited data in most countries around the world.

Will my ATT phone work in Thailand?

In collaboration with a local service provider, AT&T is able to extend its global network reach into Thailand. …

Will my mobile phone work in USA?

Yes. If the phone supports the bands supported by US carriers. You can check in official websites of US carriers like Verizon, AT&T, T Mobile and Sprint and compare against bands supported by your phone. If one or more bands match then you can use the phone with US carriers.

How do I know if my phone works internationally?

Be sure you have an Unlocked GSM phone

  1. Ask your operator. Call your current operator’s customer support and explain you want to use your phone overseas. …
  2. Try another SIM. Place a SIM from another operator in your phone and see if the phone recognizes the other operator’s network.
  3. Check your IMEI.
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Is there tinder in Thailand?

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world, and it’s also the most popular dating app in Thailand. If you’re in a population dense area like Bangkok or Chiang Mai, chances are you’ll find tons of attractive Thai singles.

Does Verizon work in Thailand?

For Thailand you need 4G/3G support on the 2100 mHz band and Verizon runs primarily on 700, with 1900 and 1700 in dense areas.

Does Verizon have international plans?

TravelPass, Verizon’s go-to international plan, is the perfect option for customers who want to use their cell phone without worrying about added costs. For a set fee of just $10 a day per line, you can access your domestic voice, text and data plan while traveling in over 185 countries worldwide.

Does M51 work in USA?

Keep in mind that to have a perfect coverage, the ideal thing is that the Samsung Galaxy M51 has all the frequencies for all networks, that are used in USA, although if the Samsung Galaxy M51 lacks any of the frequency bands used, it does not mean that it does not work on that network, but coverage could be limited to …

Can I use my Canadian cell phone in the United States?

Regular Visitor: Every cell phone Share Plan from Bell Mobility includes unlimited calling across Canada, but add another $15/month to get unlimited Canada & US calling. You can then use your plan while visiting the US without any restrictions; even your data will work at no extra charge!

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Which phones are cheap in USA?

Best cheap phones at a glance

  • Under $600 – Samsung Galaxy S10e.
  • Under $500 – Google Pixel 4a 5G.
  • Under $400 – iPhone SE 2020.
  • Under $300 – Moto G Power.
  • Under $200 – Moto G Fast.