Your question: What is the nearest volcano in Malaysia?

Which state in Malaysia has volcanoes?

There are several volcanoes in the territory of Malaysia, mostly located in the state of Sabah.

What is the nearest volcano in Mindanao?

Hibok-Hibok volcano (also known as Catarman volcano) is the youngest and the only historically active volcano on Camiguin Island, which is located 9 km off the north coast of Mindanao Island, Philippines.

What is the closest city to a volcano?

Hilo, HI. Being the closest city to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hilo is well aware of its potentially precarious placement. Twice, in 1855 and 1880, lava from Mauna Loa covered land that is now within the city limits, and in 1984, a flow came within 4.5 miles of town.

Does Malaysia have a volcano?

Bombalai volcano in north east Borneo is the only volcano considered still possibly active of Malaysia, although its last eruptions might have been thousands of years ago.

Can you go inside an active volcano?

Despite the fact that they’re active volcanoes, many are completely safe to visit, though you should always be aware of the risks associated with visiting a living, breathing volcano, which is essentially a vent for the hot gases and rocks located deep inside the Earth.

What are the 5 most active volcanoes in the Philippines?

The majority of the active volcanoes are located in the island of Luzon. The six most active volcanoes are Mayon, Hibok-Hibok, Pinatubo, Taal, Kanlaon and Bulusan.

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Is there a volcano in Baguio?

Mount Santo Tomas is a potentially active stratovolcano in the Philippines located in the municipality of Tuba in the province of Benguet.

Mount Santo Tomas
Elevation 2,260 m (7,410 ft)
Prominence 888 m (2,913 ft)
Listing potentially active volcanoes
Coordinates 16°20′06″N 120°33′40″ECoordinates: 16°20′06″N 120°33′40″E

Is Santorini going to erupt again?

Statistically, it is very unlikely that the next eruption will be of such magnitude, if it occurs in a timeframe of years to few centuries from now. It is supported by the argument that the volcano is believed to have long rest periods (thousands of years) preceeding such eruptions.